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I suck at keeping proactive here. Every time I try to do admin stuff, a million things come along to distract me. Also, I’ve been majorly depressed if my posts yesterday didn’t tiip you off. I’m sorry for that, guys!

So now, I’ll be trying to post a bit tomorrow as far as confessions go. Right now, I need sleep.

~Leon Mod


I apologize about my absence and the lack of posted confessions. :I I fell really ill in the past week.

I’m back now and we’re gonna work on making this confession blog running smoothly!

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"Welcome to Midgar Sector 5 Old Church. Sometimes you’d see two lover souls ‘dancing’ around the sword and the flowers behind the water pool. You may wanna drop question to them and they’d be happy to talk to you."

Ask or RP and Appreciation Blog of Zack Fair and Aerith Gainsborough from Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

NOTE: At first, this was just an ask and appreciation blog but now it’s also an rp blog. But although the blog status is changed. you don’t have to be an rp account just to leave ask. Both muses will always see you as a normal church’s visitor.

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On behalf of ffrpconfessions I like to apologize for those who have submitted confessions but have not been published yet! We will be getting to them right away!

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Just gonna take a moment to thank everyone for all the support we’ve received this past month.

We’re at a staggering 76 followers. WOW.

The support from each and everyone one of you is absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

Love ya,


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OOC; UGH! That awkward moment where you don’t realized your photoshopped image is off by one pixel until after you post the confession and/or it’s been reblogged. Tidus-Mun, I apologize for being unable to serve you koala tea like you ordered. ;w;

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This isn’t so much as a confession I guess but just giving thanks to a few of my really close RP partners; forgottenribbon, retinentiax, and iracaelos. It’s really something yknow? These guys are some of my best friends here and I don’t know how it happened but it did and I’m blessed to have them in my life. Our muses’ interactions, their relationships with each other…but beyond that. They’re my friends and I am thankful to have them as people I trust, care for, and can just have all sorts of fun with. Thank you.

[ SOURCE REFERENCE ] :: Official Renders

I’m really thankful for PariahXIV. She’s a wonderful Xion RPer and the mun is wonderful to talk to as well. I honestly wasn’t too attached to Xion’s character when I first started playing KH 358/2 Days but her portrayal and our interactions have made me adore Xion and appreciate her character all the more. I see Xion in a new light. Thank you so much Xion-mun. Thank you for letting me see such a wonderful character in a new and different way.


[ SOURCE REFERENCE ] :: Xion || PapouJunkie

Sometimes I feel like a terrible person for taking several days to reply to threads. I seem to lose my muse more often than others and its very sad. I hope my rp partners don’t think I’m neglecting them. On a more cheerful note, the final fantasy community is very loving. When I feel down I always have someone on here to turn to, and that’s something I haven’t been able to find in other fandoms.

— Anonymous

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